AC Installation In Rockdale, Texas

Air conditioning units are a must for dealing with the Texas heat, and all property owners must follow the necessary steps to maintain those systems. If the AC system fails, a service provider can recommend great options for replacing the systems and restoring comfort throughout the property. By reviewing the steps for choosing a new unit, property owners can find the best AC system and stay comfortable all summer. 

Removing the Existing AC

The technicians start a new AC Installation by removing the existing air conditioning unit. Many service providers complete waste management services for little to no cost and dispose of all the AC components for the property owner. After the unit has been removed, the workers clean the entire area where the new unit will be installed. All wiring and connections for the AC are evaluated to eliminate any electrical problems. 

Identify the Appropriate Unit Size

The unit size must be adequate to produce the right amount of cool air to keep the property comfortable. The service providers measure the total square footage of the property. The technicians start with the area of each living space and multiply the total area by 25 BTUs.

The total number of BTUs determines what unit size is appropriate for the property. Once the owner knows the total number of BTUs, the service provider can recommend the right air conditioning system for the property.  


When preparing for an AC Installation in Rockdale, TX, property owners must assess the ENERGY STAR rating of all preferred AC models. The ENERGY STAR rating defines how much the owner can save each year on energy costs and energy consumption by choosing the unit. When selecting an air conditioner, the owner can save more by getting a product with the highest rating available. 

Is the Ductwork Damaged or Outdated?

The ductwork must be in great shape to circulate the air throughout the property. If the ductwork is damaged, there is a greater risk of a leak, and the cool air won’t circulate as needed. The HVAC technicians evaluate the ductwork for damage and ensure that it is the right size for the unit and the property. If there is a size issue or damage, the owner needs to repair or update the ductwork. The new ductwork comes with a full product warranty from the manufacturer. 

Should The Owner Replace the Thermostat?

The thermostat is a vital component for the air conditioning system and controls when the system engages. The component must work properly to ensure the room temperature is gauged appropriately. If the thermostat is failing, the system may cycle too often and run up energy costs for the owner. At the first sign of a thermostat issue, repairs will be required. If repairs aren’t possible, the owner needs to replace the thermostat altogether. Many HVAC professionals recommend a programmable thermostat for the most benefits. 

Assessing the Total Cost of the Installation

The price of the new unit could be the determining factor in the selection process. While owners need air conditioning units that are the right size for the property, purchasing a system doesn’t have to break the bank.

There are appropriately priced air conditioning units that are affordable for most property owners, and many service providers offer financing for new AC systems. Affordable monthly payments are a must for all property owners, and the service provider can offer a great payment plan. 

Where to Get HVAC Services 

Comfort A/C Services provides exceptional air conditioning, heating, and ventilation services for all property owners in the service area. The business has a long history of providing high-quality repairs, maintenance services, and new installations. Property owners can learn more about an HVAC Installation in Rockdale, TX, by contacting the service provider and setting up an appointment now. 

Air conditioning systems are a must for all property owners in Rockdale, and the Texas heat presents more frequent instances of extreme temperatures. If an air conditioning unit is failing, the property owner must take fast action and replace the system. HVAC professionals can provide detailed information about the air conditioning units, including any special features a system offers. 

Some units offer zoned cooling that allows the owner to adjust where the cool air flows. Smart home connections give the owner better control over the system. The connections let owners adjust the temperature and shut the system on or off at any time. By reviewing all AC models available, the property owners can find the best system for their property and stay cool all summer.